2017-07-30 12:28:10
Data Driven Hiring Drives Successful Results

Hiring those who fit in with the culture of the company and similar values is the key to building a successful business. One effective way to discover these types of candidates is to employ assessments during the hiring process.

One common issue recruiters run into is the fact that people lie or embellish their resumes. It doesn’t take a lot of studies to realize that some will do anything to get their foot in the door. Even if resumes were 100% reliable, they still do not impart how well someone will do on the job. Remember, resumes and interviews are subjective; given this fact, cognitive skill assessments help recruiters predict job success in a much more reliable way.

Online assessments prevent recruiters from wasting time interviewing candidates who will not perform well in the end. It also makes it so that those who have little experience, but amazing skills. This would be your chance to engage with the better candidates in other important aspects, since you will already be aware of how intelligent and capable they are.

As a recruiter, it is obvious that time and scheduling are better spent on those who have already proven themselves as ones having the necessary skills for the position. This allows them to explore other key attributes, like underlying motivations and overall personality. Consider the amount of revenue your company will save when it avoids hiring employees who are being paid for mediocre work. Businesses therefore, need to be well informed sooner rather than later.

Transparent and Straightforward Processes

Many candidates do not mind having to take tests; in fact, those who honestly want the position should be happy to showcase their knowledge. Arranging to ask a candidate to take a test is simple. You can generate invitations with the help of outside recruiting company’s software. Some software will compile all the results and place them onto the candidate’s profile, which makes it far simpler to review results or view side-by-side comparisons. From the recruiters end, it is important to make sure that any assessments given out are not unnecessarily lengthy, and that they actually reveal the skills the company needs most for the position. If a test takes longer than 40 minutes to complete, you will likely see that candidates will drop off, rather than completing it.

While this process can be very rewarding, your company will need to define the parameters of your data-driven hiring model. How can you ensure that the person taking the test is the one you are interviewing face to face, for instance (you could have an assessment at the beginning of the process and at the end of the interview)?

This is only one of many questions you team needs to pose to one another in order to get the best pool of candidates into the position. With effective data-driven processes embedded in your hiring process, recruitment agencies will have a substantially easier time finding the right people to bring in, and they will be able to discuss other important aspects that involve your individual company. 

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