2017-08-03 07:27:17
The Candidate Experience: Common Complaints

If you have ever researched what drives candidates crazy the most, most of them will revolve around communication issues. From the time someone applies, to the time your company makes a decision, communication should be a top priority. Listed below are the top complaints every recruiter should be aware of.

  • Lack of Mobile-Friendly Sites

Because of the advancement of phone technology, many people today do most of their applications on their smart devices. Glassdoor reports that almost half of job seekers will research job opportunities through their cell phones at least once a day.

If your company has not made an effort to make user friendly mobile sites, you can be assured that several perfectly suited candidates will not even bother to apply to your company. This will directly translate into a much longer hiring time frame, and potentially missing out on top performing talent.

  • The Application Unnecessarily Lengthy

To be honest, the only thing most companies truly needs to narrow the field of applicants during the initial screening is the resume and contact information. Candidates get tired of having to copy and paste the same information into similar fields again and again. With the advent of all the creative sites that allow people to upload all this information to one site, your company could simply request a link to profiles such as LinkedIn.

  • What Happened to my Application?

If someone does not receive an automated email that assures them their application made its way to a company, they may feel that their time was wasted. Giving them some sort of confirmation is now the standard, not the exception. This also prevents recruiters from getting bogged down with duplicate applications, since people will no longer feel the need to send in another resume because of uncertainty.

  • Knowing when the Job is Filled, or if an Applicant is Moving Forward

No two jobs are the same. Some companies require writing samples, assessments, or multiple interviews. Each executive recruitment is aware of each step; however, leaving candidates in the dark about this process is a mistake. The goal of every company should be transparency. No matter how short or long the process, every applicant needs to be aware of what is going on. Communication on this front means you can set reasonable expectations, while avoiding the loss of talent. Remember, changing careers or companies is a major step in anyone’s life.

  • Recruiting Analytics

Recruiting analytics are a great way to avoid many of these common complaints. These tools will not only streamline the hiring process, but also highlight to you where improvements could be made in the hiring process. Many of the above complaints are simple fixes, and cost the company little to nothing to implement. When complaints are reduced, the number of qualified candidates will surely increase, and you will see substantially more passionate people looking to work for you. This will also reduce the time recruiters have to filter though applications, which actually does save the company revenue in the long run. 

Florin A. is Advertising professional at Linked organisation, an Ireland-based marketing and client experience consultancy that assists corporations in the Ireland produce powerful customer experiences.